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  • What happens to my mobile phone? 


  • Recycled mobile phones are sold and re-used in developing countries. In many of these countries, fixed landlines can be expensive or simply not available. Second hand mobiles are an affordable and sustainable means of communication that help businesses to run more efficiently and families to stay in touch more easily.  

I have multiple items I want to send. Can I send them all in one package?

  • Yes. You can select multiple items to add to your Selling Cart. Feel free to ship these items in together in one package. The more items you sell, the more cash you make!


How do I ship my item?

  • Simply package up your item using your own packaging. You should use old newspapers, bubble wrap, or other packaging material to cushion your item. Include the packing slip inside your package. Then attach our shipping label with clear tape. You can drop off your package at any Post Office.


What do I need to include when sending my mobile phone? 

  • Please include the mobile phone you have sold and any accessories you may choose to send.
  • Please ensure you remove your SIM card before sending us your mobile phone as SIM cards contain personal details. We will not accept liability if SIM cards are sent with the handset and any charges are incurred before or after receipt of your handset. Unfortunately once we have received SIM cards we are unable to return them.
  • Please note that we recommend using special delivery to ensure successful delivery as we do not take responsibility for any loss or damage sustained in transit. Unfortunately we cannot pay any additional special delivery charges for you. We also recommend that customers always obtain proof of posting.


  • Does the colour of my device affect the price? 

  • No. The price is the same regardless of the colour. 

  • My item isn't listed on your website. Can I still sell it? 

  • We are frequently updating our website with new products and categories. If you don’t see your item, please contact us and we’ll let you know if your phone is eligible for payment. Make sure to include the manufacturer and model number in your e-mail.

  • Do you accept stolen phones?

    We don't like thieves and definitely do not accept stolen phones. We check all received phones via CheckMEND, a crime protection database, to ensure that phones are not barred or registered stolen. In case of a device being reported as network blocked AFTER your device has been recycled and we have made payment to you, we will report it to the Police and start legal action. 


  • Is there a limit to the number of phones I can sell?

    You can send us as many phones as you want, whenever you want. We'd like it if you did.

  • How do I find out how much my phone is worth?

    Simply type in your handset model into the Model Quick Search box and press Go. Once your model is found, you will be able to get an instant value.

  • What if my phone is blocked?

    If your phone is blocked, it is likely it has been reported lost or stolen. We do not purchase blocked handsets. If you are the rightful owner of a blocked handset, we suggest you contact your service provider to have the phone unblocked.

  • What if my phone is Network locked?

    We accept Network locked handsets and pay the full value except locked iPhones, some Nokia and Sony models.


    What happens if SELLPHONES.CO.UK disagrees with the condition for my device?

    Every device we receive at is hand inspected. If our inspection does not match yours, we will adjust your order accordingly, which might increase or decrease your order. If your offer changes for any reason, we’ll send you an email on the day of inspection with the new value and the reason we made any changes to your Instant Quote value. You will have 7 days to accept or reject this revised offer and if you choose to reject our revised offer, we’ll send your device back to you.


    PLEASE NOTE: We will send you a reminder email on the 6th day after inspection reminding you to accept or reject our revised off. If we still do not hear back from you after 7 days, the new offer will automatically be accepted on your behalf and we will process your item for payment at our revised price. Unfortunately, we are unable to return your item to you after this 7 day period.**

Popular F.A.Q
How Do I Ship My Item?
Simply package up your item using your own packaging. Then attach our shipping label with clear tape. You can drop off your package at any Post Office. It is recommended to ship your device using Royal Mail Special Delivery.
How Long Does It Take To Get Paid?
Your payment is issued as soon your item(s) are received and inspected, usually within 1 working day of our receipt of your item(s).
What If My Apple Device is Activation Locked?
If your device is Activation Locked, SellPhones cannot purchase it from you so this is very important to check before sending in your device. Instruction on how to remove your device:

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